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All about understanding what's happening in the skilled workforce and what we can and cannot do about it. Frank discussion of the issues, who's addressing them and how, and what challenges lie ahead. The demographics of the global workforce aren't going to stand still while businesses try to catch up.

This makes having a transparent, consistent and strong employer "brand" essential, because it allows employers to align their talent acquisition and retention strategies to their corporate values. It also allows companies to project into the market a clear image of themselves, which a potential employee can buy-in to.

Whether its encouraging the aging workforce to remain motivated and continue working, whether its making the differentiation between themselves and the competition clearer to the smaller pool of Human Capital that do have the skills and abilities needed, or whether its continuing to drive a volume of employees into specific market sectors - strong recruitment campaigns, imaginative retention strategies, employee engagement initiatives, flexible benefits and work/life balance can be key ingredients in attracting and retaining talent now and into the future.





Customer Service: (406) 480.6872   •   Executive Department: (406) 266.8031

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